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Hi, my name is Theresa Miller. I live in a non-fictional small town in Idaho with four cows, three beehives, two cats, and one husband - numbers subject to change at any time (except the husband!). I believe in the healing magic of food, cat purrs, and human attention. In the summer, you will find me outdoors - gardening, hanging out with my bees, picking huckleberries, and writing. In the winter, I'll be hiding from the cold - cooking, sewing, writing, and anything else that catches my fancy and keeps me close to the woodstove.

I write the Hedge Witch series; small-town culinary cozy mysteries with magic. At least, I have written book one and am working on book two. Come with me to the fictional but charming village of Bradan, Idaho, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Let's cook up some magic and mystery!

Nora Logan comes from a long line of hedge witches - practitioners of helpful, everyday magic - they have lived in the little town of Bradan, Idaho for generations. As a kitchen witch, Nora has a passion for cooking and teaching people to make their own healthy and delicious food. When a murder threatens her new health food store, Nora has to learn to lean on her family, her magic, and her childhood stuffed purple hippo, Maureen, who now houses a brand-new being from the spirit world.

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